An old Croatian proverb says “Beware of the north-eastern wind of Senj“. However, Sabine and Josip did not run away from it. The only thing that the north-eastern wind blew away was the bride's veil just when she was about to kiss the groom, the moment that marked a new beginning as a couple.

They said “I do“ in the town guarded by the Nehaj fortress and had their wedding ceremony in the presence of their beloved ones. The pictures and the video will tell their story for long, and we are waiting for a new wedding invitation. It is love that makes not only the world go around, but also Fidelis, so for the sake of love we come to destinations you choose <3

Wedding planner:  Lela Design
Wedding design: Lela Design
Wedding photography and video: Fidelis studio
Location: Senj, Ličko – Senjska county
Music band: Zodiac band